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Tarot Cards, Reiki, Spiritual Readings & More in Kelowna

Improve your health and vitality with a comprehensive range of services and classes at Dare to Dream in Kelowna. With a wealth of experience in a wide range of spirituality fields, the dedicated readers and healers are committed to helping you through life’s journey with classes in Reiki and personal growth. Discover your past, present, and future with our readings specializing in:

  • Psychic medium

  • Spiritual Reading /Channeling

  • Intuitive counselling

  • Past lives

  • Astrology

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  • Tarot cards

  • Oracle cards

Classes for the Mind, Body & Soul in Kelowna

Experience Angie’s personal & spiritual growth programs and retreats to make changes in your life. These are an excellent way to learn about personal reflections and inspirations in a group setting. 

Angie offers Reiki healing / chakra balancing classes.

She is also offering family-friendly spiritual development classes with her young daughters.

Our Other Services Include

  • Reiki Healing Treatments/Energy Balancing 

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Spiritual/Metaphysical Counselling

  • Life Coaching 

Find Healing with Reiki in Kelowna

If you’ve become overcome with stress and feel as if negative energy has begun to filter into your life, you can find effective healing with Reiki in Kelowna. It is a Japanese technique that promotes relaxation while reducing stress, and treats the whole person—body, emotions, mind and spirit. This is a light touch hands on healing.

Our Commitment

At Dare to Dream, we’re dedicated to improving our customers’ lives – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Should you ever have any questions about the availability of the classes, readings or products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



  • Owner



  • Reiki Master and Teacher

  • Mindful, Spiritual and 
    Meditation Classes

  • Retreats and Workshops and
    Family friendly Spiritual Classes
    (Online and In-person)

  • Crystal Bowls and
    Sound Bath Meditations

  • Foot Reflexology

Tracy Lee Hamilton

Tracy Lee Hamilton

  • Intuitive Tarot Readings

  • Psychic Channel 

Caitie Rose

Caitie Rose

  • Intuitive Tarot Readings

  • Psychic Medium/Channel

  • Astrology Readings with charts

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment for one of the services and classes, please give us a call today at 250-712-9295!

For our holiday closures, please contact us!

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